Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post Memorial day

Yes, I will post the rest of the crime fiction series soon. Just as soon as it gets written. But, I just want to comment on the day after Memorial day in the office. We have been swamped today. Everyone is banged up, bruised, and broken. Plus a few cases of overindulgence. This happens every holiday weekend. Seriously folks, be careful out there. Just because you are not driving, does not mean that you can't get hurt while drunk. And now that you are forty, you can't just go out and play when you haven't exercised in 6 months. Take preventative measures: Limit any alcohol intake to when you are sitting around safe at home. Four wheeling and beer don't mix! Wear the protective equipment recommended for your activity. Don't just wear the minimum to meet legal requirements. Wear what you need to keep you intact if something goes wrong. Use your sunscreen and insect repellent. Have plenty of drinking water handy. Don't try new risky activities when everyone else is out doing the same thing, and likely to blunder into you. And God Bless our military and their families. That's what this holiday was all about anyway. :-)