Thursday, May 2, 2013

Interesting people

I have met some interesting people during this process. Writers and editors. Mostly driven, creative types. This is a good thing.
Today I want to talk about my friend J.B. McGee. Her genre is YA Romance, a little different from mine. Just a little. ;-) She is an absolute workhorse. Her fourth!!! novel is coming out in a few weeks, and she has been writing fiction for less than a year.
That's as opposed to me, who has been fiddling with the same book since 1997. Yes, I'm one of those. My novel in the drawer. That's okay though. At the last writer's conference I went to, the speakers/author almost all had an original drawer novel for a long time. Some of them still have drawer novels, that they plan to leave there.
Anyway, J.B. has used this new indie platform to the fullest, and is a shining example of what can be done. May I just hope to write half as much.
Check out the first book of her series. Broken (This) and then look for her newest work Forgiven before the summer. It promises to be a great beach read.