Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Call for Book Reviews on Treating Murder

Please check out Treating Murder: Book One of the Veronica Lane, M.D. series (medical thriller) , and give me a positive review online. Reviews are very important for a debut novelist like myself to let others know about the book. Did I mention FREE? It's free today, so you get to read a good book, and I get to receive a good review!

Instructions for posting reviews on amazon.
To review (after reading) Make sure that you are signed in. Then on the right next to the search bar it will say Hello (your name) and give you a menu. Click on the first one. Surprisingly named YOUR ACCOUNT again. Then, you have to go to the last topic on YOUR ACCOUNT page-- PERSONALIZATION, and click REVIEW YOUR PURCHASES under the COMMUNITY heading. 
 Thanks in advance. \

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Optimism and free books

I am an eternal optimist. I expect people and events to work out well, regardless of my past experiences. Therefore, in the sincere hope that amazon has gotten everything sorted, I am advertising Treating Murder: Book One of the Veronica Lane, M.D. series (medical thriller) for free for 1 day. October 16.Check it out, and let me know how it goes.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boo Amazon!

I apologize to all of my supporters, and to all of the wonderful websites who work so hard to promote indie authors. The three advertised and scheduled free days for Treating Murder were interrupted not once but twice.

The short version of events is this:
(Keep in mind that the independent publishing branch of amazon does not accept phone calls, so all communications with them is via email, with a different representative each time, and approximately 24 hours between replies. This obviously leads to confusion and delay.)
October 2 was missed because of miscellaneous other corporate snafus that are not entirely on amazon. We'll give them a pass on that.
October 3 we were up and running, only one day late! Hooray!
Then, due to the above email situation, I awoke October 4, the last scheduled promotional day, to find that Treating Murder was again off promotion. I urgently emailed, and called the regular amazon customer service line to fix this while people were expecting to find it available for free. No go.

So again, I apologize that I was unable to have Treating Murder available free as scheduled. I will set up another promotion soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Amazon Kindle select promotion FREE days

Treating Murder, kindle version, is available October 3 and 4 for FREE. For those of you who were expecting it to also be free today, I apologize. Due to circumstances in the control of various mega-corporations, that was cancelled. But 24 hours of additional anticipation is always to the good, right? Remember the old ketchup commercials? Anticipation is making you wait... No? You're too young to remember ketchup in glass bottles? Oh, yeah, so am I. Um, I forgot. LOL. Just a little humor for the day. Like the bumper sticker says. If life sends you one step backward every time you move one step forward, just do the cha-cha. Go. Read. Enjoy! Gab