Thursday, September 12, 2013

Author Interview with RT Bryant, author of Yesterday Mourning novella

Today I have the honor to present RT Bryant's book Yesterday Mourning. Here is my interview with her.
GB: Tell us a little bit about yourself:
RTB: I was born and raised in Fort Valley, GA which is where most of my family still resides. Friends would describe me as funny and outgoing although I would describe myself as somewhat shy. I’m definitely more of a homebody and I’ve always loved books.

GB: When is your birthday? 
RTB: October 8

GB: What kind of music do you like? 
RTB: I’m pretty open to most types of music but I prefer R&B, Pop, Jazz and Hip-Hop

GB: What does your name mean? 
RTB: Renita is Latin and means “Resistant,” “Reborn,” and “Dignified” but in some places it means “Little Queen”
GB: Are you an early riser? 
RTB: Unfortunately yes. I typically work out in the morning so I tend to get up pretty early.

GB: What subjects interest you the most? 
RTB: Politics, Business, and Psychology

GB: Which are three 3 physical features you often get complimented on? 
RTB: The whiteness of my teeth, my hair, and my cheeks

GB: Which is one rule you are proud of breaking? 
RTB: I’m not waiting to live. I watch people and it seems most are waiting for a certain time in their lives or a specific moment when everything will fall into place and they can actually start living. Maybe it’s a lack of patience on my part but I’m choosing to enjoy the minutes/days of my life right now. I make decisions based on my current truth/reality and I try not to apologize for it. The more I suffered through watching loved leave this earth the more I felt an urge and desire to explore and experience what life has to offer.

GB: What are your hobbies? 
RTB: I love writing and traveling. I published my first book, Yesterday Mourning, in May and I’ve already started releasing short stories via my blog ( Later this year, I kick off a three-month sabbatical from my job and I’ll use the time to travel (5 countries), write, and enjoy just ‘being.’

GB: What is the worst job you’ve ever done and why? 
RTB: Telemarketing. It was the summer after my junior year in high school and I wanted to make some extra money. It definitely helped me develop thick skin early on in life.

GB: Which was the scariest moment of your life? 
RTB: The second I realized my mother was dying and there was nothing I could do to stop it. That moment sparked a chain of events that inspired Yesterday Mourning.

GB: What advice would you give your 18 year old self? 
RTB: Everyone thinks you’re strong, smart, and capable because you are. There’s nothing wrong or arrogant with you believing it and saying it too.

Visit her and check out her book here.
Twitter: @Atiner