Monday, September 16, 2013

Woman in Business

I never visualized myself as a businesswoman when I was growing up. I was going to be a doctor and a writer. You just do those things, right?
I learned too few truths about life in school. If kids knew more about the real world earlier, then adolescents might be able to see beyond themselves and make better choices. (No promises.)
Nonetheless, I am now a businesswoman. I own two businesses as well as indie publishing. Sometimes I miss being an employee. It was much more relaxing. Clock in, clock out, and let someone else be in charge.
The lure of ownership was strong. I could make decisions the way I felt they should be made. I could make way more money! Utopia on earth.
Unfortunately, that is not the way life works. I have to make decisions based on economics rather than what is best, and I will tell you for a fact that the income is not better. Ever feel like a salmon swimming upstream? Dodging grizzlies? And fishermen? Right.
However, there is still a feeling of independence, and of charting my own course, even if that course is not what I had originally anticipated. All in all, I think I'll keep at it. At least for now. Who knows where my course will take me next.
Bon Voyage!
Give your cheers and encouragement to all of the independent women you know in business on September 22. American Business Women's Day. Well, heck, do it every day. We will be most appreciative.